Terms and Conditions

1 – Exhibition Organization and Management

The specifics of the exhibition, such as dates, venue, hours, and entry fees, are determined and can be altered at the discretion of Knowlex Global Events Management LLC (Dubai), the event’s organizer. Exhibitors may end their displays on the originally agreed date in case of an extension but cannot remove or alter their stands before the official closing. Exhibitors are required to abide by the guidelines in the Exhibitor’s Manual and are accountable for any non-compliance with the site owner’s or primary tenant’s regulations, which are also outlined in the Manual. The Organizer is not responsible for any effects of enforcing these general rules.

2 – Participation Eligibility

The Organizer decides on eligible exhibitor categories and the list of products/services to be displayed. Exhibitors can only showcase their own or represented products/services and must provide a brand list if they are agents or distributors. The Organizer has the right to exclude or include products/services based on the exhibition’s objectives. All exhibitors must comply with UAE regulations for displayed items unless they are meant for use outside the UAE. Exhibitors must also avoid misleading or unfair promotional activities.

3 – Registration Process

Prospective exhibitors must complete, sign, and stamp a participation contract. This contract is binding and obligates the exhibitor to pay for their stand and related costs, once accepted by the Organizer.

4 – Admission Oversight

The Organizer’s decisions on contract acceptance are final and need not be justified. Refused applications will be refunded minus administrative costs. Contracts from exhibitors under bankruptcy management are void, unless a court permits continued operation, in which case the Organizer may choose to maintain the contract.

5 – Stand Usage

Exhibitors cannot transfer, sublet, or share their space, either for free or for a fee. Joint presentations by multiple exhibitors are allowed with prior approval and a joint participation contract.

6 – Cancellation and No-show Policy

Withdrawn or unoccupied stands result in forfeiture of any payments made for stand hire. If an exhibitor fails to occupy their stand 24 hours before the event’s opening, the Organizer may reallocate it without refund or compensation. Full refunds are issued if the Organizer cancels the event. For Force Majeure cancellations, only incurred costs are retained, and the remainder is refunded. Postponements will result in transfer of payments to the new event date.

7 – Pricing Adjustments

Stand pricing is set by the Organizer and subject to change based on material, labour, transport, service costs, taxes, and other charges.

8 – Payment Terms

Payments for stand hire and additional charges must be made by the dates and methods specified by the Organizer in the contract. Late contract signees must pay any due amounts as of the contract signing date.

9 – Non-Payment Consequences

Failure to adhere to payment deadlines and methods results in application of the withdrawal conditions in Section 6, with the exhibitor bearing debt-collection costs.

10 – Stand Allocation

Stand locations are at the Organizer’s discretion, considering exhibitor preferences, product/service nature, stand design, contract signing date, and exhibitor seniority. The Organizer may change the requested area size/layout without allowing contract termination. Stand layouts provided to exhibitors are approximate and subject to change. Disputes over stand locations must be raised within one week of layout receipt; afterwards, the proposed location is considered accepted. Previous participation does not guarantee specific stand locations or priorities in future events.

11 – Stand Installation and Decoration

Exhibitors must install stands as per the plans approved by the Organizer. With prior written consent from the Organizer, exhibitors can construct multi-level stands, adhering to guidelines in the Exhibitor’s Manual. The Organizer provides standards for such constructions upon request. Exhibitors are accountable for decorating their stands, ensuring compliance with public safety regulations, and following the Organizer’s overall design and signage guidelines. The Organizer sets rules for displaying visual information, using sound, light, and audio-visual techniques, and conducting shows, promotions, surveys, or polls within the Exhibition. Photography and sound recording are also subject to the Organizer’s regulations. The Organizer can demand modification or removal of any setup that negatively impacts the Exhibition’s appearance, neighbouring exhibitors, or the public. Withdrawal of approval may occur if any installation disrupts the Exhibition or other exhibitors.

12 – Stand De-installation

The Organizer is not responsible for exhibitors’ structures or installations. Exhibitors must return their spaces in their original condition and will be liable for any damages caused to the venue or its equipment.

13 – Stand Assembly and Dismantling

The Organizer schedules the assembly and dismantling of stands. If exhibitors fail to dismantle their stands within the specified time, the Organizer may do so at the exhibitor’s expense. Exhibitors will also face penalties for not vacating the space on time.

14 – Special Authorizations for Installations

Exhibitors must obtain the Organizer’s permission to use space allocated to others for installing machinery, equipment, or structures.

15 – Handling of Goods

Exhibitors are responsible for the transport and reception of goods, adhering to the Organizer’s instructions for delivery and dispatch, especially regarding vehicle movement within the Exhibition.

16 – Cleaning of Stands

Exhibitors must clean their stands according to the Organizer’s specified conditions and schedule.

17 – Utility Connections

Fees for electricity, telephone, water, and compressed air connections are outlined in the Exhibitor’s Manual. Exhibitors must request these services within the specified deadlines and according to the technical capabilities of the exhibition site.

18 – Customs Compliance

Exhibitors are responsible for customs formalities for international equipment and products. The Organizer is not liable for any issues arising from these formalities.

19 – Intellectual Property Rights

Exhibitors guarantee they have the necessary Intellectual Property Rights for their displayed items or permission to exhibit them. They will indemnify the Organizer against any related claims or damages. The Organizer is not responsible for any intellectual property issues. Exhibitors permit the Organizer to use their displayed items in all promotional materials without responsibility.

20 – Exhibition Catalogues

The Organizer has the exclusive right to publish and sell the exhibition catalogue and advertisements within it. Exhibitors are responsible for the accuracy of their provided information. The Organizer is not liable for any errors and reserves the right to edit or refuse entries or advertisements.

21 – Exhibitor Passes

Exhibitors receive entry passes under the conditions set by the Organizer. Unused passes are non-refundable and non-returnable once issued.

22 – Visitor Invitation Cards

Exhibitors receive invitation cards for guests, subject to the Organizer’s conditions. Unused cards are non-refundable and non-returnable.

23 – Safety Compliance

Exhibitors must comply with all safety measures set by authorities and the Organizer, who reserves the right to enforce these measures.

24 – Compliance with Regulations

Violating these regulations may lead to the exhibitor’s expulsion without warning, including non-compliant stand fittings, safety breaches, unoccupied stands, displaying unapproved products, or unauthorized on-site sales. The Organizer may seek damages and retain the exhibitor’s displayed items as compensation.

25 – Regulation Amendments

The Organizer may modify these regulations or add new provisions, as necessary.

26 – Dispute Resolution

Exhibitors must first address disputes with the Organizer before pursuing legal action. Legal actions taken within fifteen days of such a submission will be deemed inadmissible.

27 – Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by UAE law, and any disputes will be resolved in UAE courts.

28 – Taxation

A 5% VAT, as per UAE Federal Decree Law no (8) of 2017 on Value Added Tax, is applicable to this contract.